Book Retriever

Book Reteiver

This is the Classroom Library Company's accompanying app for managing book borrowing between teachers, parents and students.

The Book Retriever software makes it easy to:

  • Match appropriate books to readers
  • Level, Manage, Track, Lend and Organize your whole Classroom Library
  • Helps parents determine books appropriate books for their children.
  • Communicate easily with Parents via phone or email.
  • Leveled Reading Correlation Chart built in
  • PC and smart phone ready! PC version comes with barcode scanner. Access the same info rom either format.
  • Over 136,000 books in our database (includes some sole source publishers)
  • Easily import your current book list into the Book Retriever!
  • Never buy the wrong or duplicate book in a bookstore ever again!
  • We can easily add your school or districts book database *Fee based
  • Easily Print Leveled Lablels for your books!

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